Trendonomics Partners offers total resource that focuses on sharpening and advancing the investment skills of our clients whether corporate bodies and private individual towards achieving high level profitability in financial market.

“To create the edge for investors and traders in the financial market, we develop an approach that blends fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis in a unique way to suite and meet investor’s investment goal.”

"We are Traders, We are Technical Analysts & We are Passionate about your success as TRADER"

What We Do

Training & Education

We effectively embark on online and offline trainings, coaching and mentorship programs on the practical application of technical analysis to equities, FOREX, Commodities, Bonds and other Derivatives. Currently the trend in the integration of technical analysis methodologies is gaining momentum in the Nigerian financial market space and the various investment vehicles are attracting increasing participation. This avails opportunity for Trendonomics which is well placed as a registered technical analysis and educational firm with team of Internationally Certified Technical Analysts with vast years of experience in the industry.




Research & Consulting

We provide technical analysis research, report and analysis for corporate and sophisticated investors/traders using online and offline channels. The market reports, analysis and researches will meet long, medium and short term investment goals of our clients. Some of the reports, researches and analysis are premium basis. We simplify the process of making direct investment decisions for our clients.


Trading/Investing Support

We manage our own funds by using part to trade in financial instruments such as FOREX/Commodity spot markets, International and Domestic Equities and other derivatives. The dexterity of the team given the proven track record of returning over 15% annually would guarantee returns for the firm.

The investment process is systematic and technically based, in that it relies on models derived and tested on technical analysis model.

In essence, we do what we preach to our clients. This breed confidence and reliability from our clients.

Meet our team

Adeshina Adetunji, CFTe MSTA(UK)
Managing Partner

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