Trendonomics Partners offers total resource that focuses on sharpening and advancing the investment skills of our clients whether corporate bodies and private individual towards achieving high level profitability in financial market. We provide investment information with core focus on technical analysis models through strategic researches and analysis, investment education, trainings and development of trading methodology to enhance investor’s profitability level.


Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Why it works and its limitations
  • Basic premises and principles

Chart types –

  • Line, bar, candle and semi-log.
  • Using them in different markets and market conditions, chart patterns

 Support and resistance levels –

  • Identifying levels,
  • Assessing their strength,
  • Expected price movement on the break of levels

 Trend lines –

  • Drawing lines correctly,
  • Recognizing trend line breaks and ‘false breaks’,
  • Drawing them correctly, Targets, false breaks and exit methods

Indicators –

  • Trend and oscillator indicators,
  • how to correctly use them for short, medium and long term trading

 Volume –

  • Understanding its significance and using with price,
  • On Balance Volume and Weighted OBV indicators

 And much more

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Intermediate & Advance


Technical analysis and you –

  • Techniques, time frames and charts for your job & markets traded

 What timeframe chart suits you? –

  • Rule of Five,
  • How many charts do you need?

Fibonacci –

  • Why does it work?,
  • How to measure retracements,
  • How to project objectives, Practical applications: retracements, targets and time

Advanced indicators

+ Moving Average Convergence-Divergence

+ Wilder’s Relative Strength Index

+ Stochastic

+ Directional Movement Index

+ Bollinger Bands


Long-term trend analysis

+ Identifying a trend and assessing its strength

+ Indicators that measure trending

+ Measuring if the trend is close to exhaustion

+ Using market breadth indicators

+ Advance/Decline analysis techniques

And much more